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Danab Commander denies their soldiers are fighting in Las Anod

Mogadishu March 25, 2023 (SD) – According to recent reports, members of the Somali special forces unit known as Danab are reportedly participating in the ongoing fighting in the city of Las Anod, the capital of the Sool region.

Danab Commander Colonel Ahmed Abdullahi Nur “Beeryare” dismissed that some of his soldiers are taking part in the clashes between Somaliland forces and local residents of Las Anod.

In a Twitter post, Colonel Beeryare denied the death of one of his soldiers in the fighting while he was active.

“It is important to clarify that the person mentioned in the recently released statement, Mohamed Suleyman, was a former leader of Danab’s Somali military forces who left for personal reasons in 2021. I can confirm that he did not have an official role in Danab at the time of his death in the Las Anod clashes,”

Colonel Beeryare said. He also emphasized that Danab forces are committed to not engaging in clan-based conflicts and will continue to work towards their mission, fighting Al Shabaab.

Recent reports also indicate that a Danab officer was killed in action during the fighting in Las Anod.

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