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Al Shabaab attacks checkpoint in Mogadishu, kills five

Mogadishu July 15 2023 (SD) Al-Shabaab group reportedly launched an attack on the Somali capital, Mogadishu last night. The attack targeted a checkpoint near the Dayniile district’s local government headquarters, resulting in significant casualties.

According to reports, the attack took place in the Barwaaqo neighborhood of the Dayniile district. The militants engaged in a fierce battle with security forces stationed at the checkpoint. At least five individuals, including soldiers and civilians, were killed in the explosion, and several others were injured.

Eyewitnesses reported that the attackers had attempted to breach the security checkpoint and detonated explosive devices when confronted by the security forces. The explosion caused considerable damage to the checkpoint and its surroundings.

The security situation in the capital has been volatile for some time, with Al-Shabaab carrying out numerous attacks and bombings in Mogadishu.

Local residents have expressed concern about the recent surge in violence and emphasized the need for security forces to make changes to restore peace and stability in the affected areas.

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