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Mogadishu raids nap 10 Al Shabaab culprits

Mogadishu September 17,2022 (SD) – Somalia’s Ministry of Information today confirmed an security operations conducted in Waydow, Yaqshid and Heliwaa districts in the capital, where 10 Al-Shabaab members had been arrested. 

Weapons and other material equipment’s had been seized during the operations in a house they were the militants residing, the arrests are the first during President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud term.

Reports further confirmed that these men were all members of Al-Shabaab group plotting assassinations and organizing bombings in Mogadishu. 

Somalia government reaffirmed it is commitments to deracinate Al-Shabaab, calling all those that have been misled to surrender themselves to the security authorities.  

The operations come as the new Somalia president is in the U.S being praised for hid administrations vigorous fight with Al Shabaab.

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