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Al Shabaab claims killing 29 at Pearl Hotel attack

Mogadishu June 10, 2023 (SD) – Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for yesterday’s deadly attack on Pearl Beach Hotel, located near Lido Beach. The attack resulted in significant casualties and damage.

In a released statement, Al-Shabaab asserted that they carried out a precise attack on Pearl Beach Hotel, claiming that the targeted was frequented by government officials and Somali military personnel.

According to Al-Shabaab, the individuals targeted in the attack were key figures involved in the ongoing operations against them. They also stated that their fighters engaged in a prolonged battle inside the hotel.

Al-Shabaab’s statement reported a death toll of 29 people in the aftermath of the attack, with numerous others sustaining injuries.

However, the group did not provide specific details about the identities of theirs fighters killed or wounded in the incident.

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