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Al-Shabaab kills commander of 13th Battalion of the Somali National Army

ADADO (SD) -Reports from Galgadud region in central Somalia confirm that a heavy fighting broke out between Galmudug state forces and Al Shabaab fighters.

The sources added that the commander of the 13th battalion of the Somali National Army Colonel Ali Mohamed Socadde and three other soldiers were killed.

Fighting between government and Galmudug forces in collaboration with Al-Shabaab took place in Adakibir village in Galgadud region, about 60km east of Adado town.

The allied forces attacked the Al-Shabaab stronghold of Adakibir, followed by heavy fighting between the two sides, which reportedly lasted for about an hour.

The sources added that the officers of the 21st Division, General Egal and Colonel Gasaawe, were seriously wounded in the attack.

Al-Shabaab a few days ago attacked Ba’do village near Adakibir, where residents were facing heavy fighting.

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