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DP World increases fees at Berbera Port forcing traders to move to Djibouti and Bossaso

BERBERA (SD) – Berbera Port is reportedly in crisis, as the Port Authority has increased the cost of shipping goods to the port.

DP WORLD, the operator of the port, increased its shipping costs by almost half, while port entrants are charged $2, a new an worrisome development.

This was confirmed to the media by MP Dayib Hassan Ahmed, a member of the House of Elders who recently visited Berbera Port.

“A 20-foot container used to be unloaded for $320, but now is $482, the difference is $162, while a 40-foot container used to be $650, but now it’s $ 859, the difference is $ 209, one ton container used to be $10.5, it went up to $ 15.” Said MP Dayib Hassan Ahmed.

The MP continued “Even worse is everyone who enters (the port) whether it is a businessman, visitor or a porter, they say every person who enters the port will be charged two dollars.”.

The lawmaker sent a message to the President of Somaliland and the UAE-based DP World.

“Mr. President, that’s the way it is. DP World is trying to put a lot of pressure on the people who use the port, and I say to the government that these increases are causing a lot of trouble. You need to be aware of this.” Said MP Dayib Hassan Ahmed.

MP Dayib Hassan Ahmed continued “I say to DP World, you came to work here, you are taking what Somalilanders didn’t realize they had and could have built on, please don’t raise inflation on people effected by droughts and Covid-19 pandemic, and fear GOD.”

The lawmaker added that the port has been closed for 7 days, as traders are reluctant to bring their goods to the port.

Somaliland traders are now reportedly importing goods from Djibouti and Bossaso ports, further adding to the shortages.

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