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Togdheer regional administration fails to stop Wadani party conference in Burao

BURAO (SD) – The governor and the Togdheer Regional police commander tried to stop Somaliland’s biggest opposition party Wadani meeting at Daalo Hotel in Burao.

The ceremony was h0sted by one of the communities in Togdheer region and was attended by Waddani Party candidate Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro).

The two officials suddenly entered the hotel with a large force, telling the presidential candidate to stop the meetings.
Candidate Cirro has strongly informed the Governor and the Regional Commander that he will not seek permission to attend meetings with the community in Burao.

The Wadani Presidential Candidate reportedly told the officials to leave the hotel, and they did.

“Muse and his government are angry that Burao is united and rejects lawlessness. The Governor and the Police Chief were forced to do something he could not do.” Candidate Cirro.

Abdirahman Irro, a Waddani party candidate who spoke tonight reiterated that Somaliland will have multiple Presidents if President Bihi does not hold the presidential election on time.

The Somaliland government has insisted on opening political parties ahead of schedule, prompting opposition parties to oppose it.

The move comes just days after police summoned the new Wadani Chairman Hirsi Hassan to the CID station in Hargeisa.

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