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Halima Yareey: I repent to Allah

Mogadishu (SD) – Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Halima Ismail [Halima Yareey] spoke briefly about accusations from clerics after she called some Qur’anic verses that God created Hawa from Adam’s rib a hoax.

Chairperson Halima Yareey said at a forum yesterday that human beings are the same and that men and women are not alike and that Adam and Eve were created in the same way.

“We strongly urge the scholars tell us the truth about the Koran, and not to tell us that women should stay a home, and if it is written in the Koran they will explain it to us, but human beings are one, God did not create half and a whole person, Hawa and Adam were one. Hawa was created from Adam’s rib is lies. We are all created by God.” She said.

Today Halima Yareey said, “I declare that I am a sincere Muslim, a great believer in God and a believer in His Messenger, the words I uttered the other day, I have repented of my sins.”

She added, “I forgive all who insulted me for saying this, and may God reward and protect those of you who comforted me.”

Sheikh Ali Wajiis of the Somali Association of Ulema advised Governor Halima Yare to repent of her wrongdoing and repent to God.

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