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Al-Shabaab releases statement on Jana Abdalle attack

Mogadishu (SD) – Al-Shabaab has today issued an statement on their attack Monday on a Somali military base in Jana Abdalle, Lower Jubba region.

The statement from the militant group claimed that US forces were killed at the attacked military base.

“AFRICOM’s deliberate attempt to cover up the deaths of US soldiers in the January attack is a testament to the misleading US campaign,” the statement said.

The Al Shabab statement continued “AFRICOM has also previously failed to acknowledge the actual casualties of its troops in the Ballidoogle and Manda Bay attacks.”

Director of the US military command for Africa(AFRICOM) Chris Karns Monday afternoon after the attack confirmed Al Shabab injuring one soldier at the attack and that no other casualties were inflicted on their troops.

Jana Abdalle is 60 km west of Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Jubba region, the Somali National Army and Jubaland forces took over the region from al-Shabab.

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