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Wadani: Committee for the Registration of Political Associations include Members of the Kulmiye Party

HARGEISA (SD) – Four members of President Bihi’s recently appointed Political Association Registration Committee, have been identified as members of the Kulmiye party.

he appointees include members of the Central Committee, the Executive Committee and prominent supporters of the Kulmiye campaign.

Wadani Party’s Justice Secretary Yonis Ahmed Yonis said the president’s appointment violates the country’s electoral law.

“President Muse Bihi continues to break the law, appointing a Committee for the Registration of Political Associations including Members of the Kulmiye Party and the Central Committee of the Party, which clearly contradicts Article 3 of Law 14/2011, a person who is a member of the Committee for the Registration of Political Associations and the Approval of National Parties must be a neutral person, how can a member of a party who is also a member of its Central Committee be neutral.” Said Yonis Ahmed Yonis.

Debate on opening parties has dominated politics in recent weeks, and President Bihi doubled down by name the registration committee potentially setting back the country’s hard gained democracy.

Opposition parties have stated they will not be recognising Muse Bihi as the country’s president if he continuous to undermine the rule of law.

Somaliland, though not recognized for the past 30 years, has been praised by the international community for its progress towards peace and democracy, a hard earned reputation threatened by the current political dispute.

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