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Al-Shabaab spokesman warns the public not to participate in elections

Mogadishu (SD) – Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage (Ali Dheere) issued an statement to all Somali people, warning them to deal with ‘infidels’ as well as get involved in the country’s upcoming elections.

He said anyone involved in the federal or regional elections has joined the war between good and evil, according to Ali Dheere.

“We warn the clan elders not to fall prey to this conspiracy, by just taking the small amount of money they are given. Let me ask you, what did the last government they formed ever do for your predecessors? They are either dead or are in hiding.” said the Al-Shabaab spokesman.

He said the reason Al-Shabaab targeted the elders who formed the previous government was because they had sided with the enemy, and did not get any protection from them.

“I warn the Somali tribes, be extra vigilant so that the enemy does not take advantage of you, using your religion and your country to take your resources. We know that you have been given weapons to kill each other,” said the Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Dheere.

Ali Dheere also said that anyone who contributes to the spread of what he called democracy is not Muslim and the group would target them.

Al-Shabaab spokesman’s comments come as Somalia is in the midst of the the long delayed 2021 parliamentary elections.

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