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Somali government closes a cosmetic center

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali government has officially ordered the closure of a recently opened Obesity Centre, a cosmetic business offering Botox, Fillers and other cosmetic procedures, in Mogadishu.

The director of social affairs in the prime minister’s office, who spoke to the media, said the Obesity Centre which does surgeries, such as injecting or enlarging women’s parts of their bodies, had been closed.

The government’s order comes amid widespread social media speculations over the opening of the center in Mogadishu.

Opponents of the center included Mogadishu clerics who called for the center to be closed, and accused the women who got the cosmetic surgeries of being opposed the image God had given them.

The center’s operations have been described as anti-Islamic, anti-tradition and potentially dangerous to perform the said surgeries.

The Somali government has said it will prosecute those who were operating the center, and security agencies have been notified to arrest the owners.

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