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Somaliland: Bottled water found to be harmful to health

Hargeisa (SD) – An investigation by the Hargeisa Water Agency’s laboratory found that the water known as “Moya-Saxo” doesn’t have the required minerals, and contains bacteria.

The Water Agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, today convened a meeting of the heads of the water companies, and informed them the need to improve their brand water, due numerous complaints.

The Hargeisa Water Authority has brought together health officials, scientists and other experts, saying it wanted to improve the way water is purified by local companies.

” The Moya-Saxo water is ok to drink, but the point is that the minerals in the water, when tested, were found to be low, the test also showed bacteria presence in the water, and we want them removed.” said to Hargeisa Water Agency Manager Mohamed Ali Darood.

The public is skeptical about the quality of purified water in Somaliland, many of them claim they got sick due to the use of the water, others stopped drinking it all together.

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