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Al Shabaab takes control of the region previously under ATMIS

Muqdisho July 13, 2023 (SD) – Al-Shabaab militants, who are affiliated with Al-Qaeda, launched a fierce attack on the town of Gariley in the Gedo region. The conflict resulted in significant casualties and inflicted damage on the area.

Multiple sources report that Al-Shabaab carried out a well-planned assault on Gariley, employing insurgent tactics. Following the clashes, with Al-Shabaab militants taking control from the area.

Gariley has been a target of recurring violence and was previously under the control of Kenyan military forces operating under ATMIS. Recently, Kenyan troops handed over security responsibilities to Somali National Army soldiers.

The Somali government and the administration of Jubbaland are actively discussing the Al-Shabaab attack on Gariley, and reports indicate that government forces have been deployed to the affected area.

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