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Al Shabab and Puntland forces clash in Bari region

Bossaso (SD) – Heavy fighting broke out in Galgala Mountains in Bari region last night and this morning between Puntland Defense Forces and Al-Shabaab militants, according to local media reports.

Authorities received a tip that Al-Shabaab militants were plotting to attack Puntland military base in Ballikhadar area, forcing the authorities to attack them first at Habar hagoogle Mountains and south of the Galgala.

The fighting started at dusk yesterday and continued until last night, and this morning the troops again carried out a planned operation in the Habar-hagoogle Mountains.

Al Shabab lost 10 fighters in the clashes, Puntland authorities also captured three others and confiscated their weapons.

Puntland state forces lost one soldier in the fighting and two others wounded, according to military officials.

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