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Al Shabab Attacks Government bases

BEDALE (SD) -Members of the Al-Shabaab group reportedly attacked the military bases of the government forces and those of South West State in the town of Bardale, in the Bay region.

A brief skirmish ensued between the two sides, resulting in various casualties. It has been reported that three government soldiers were injured in the attack.

The police chief of the Bay region, Amin Mad Daruur, stated that they managed to fend off the Al-Shabaab attack as they had prior intelligence.

He mentioned that operations are currently underway in Bardaale to search for the Al-Shabaab members responsible for the attack.

This Al-Shabaab assault on Bardale comes at a time when a delegation led by the South West State Minister of Security, Hassan Abdikadir Mohamed, is present in the area.

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