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Somalia: EU Navy forces free hijacked Cargo Ship

MOGADISHU (SD) -The European Union’s naval force announced today the successful liberation of the commercial ship Basilisk, which was flying the Liberian flag, along with its 17 crew members after an attempted hijacking by a group of suspected pirates in the Indian Ocean.

According to a press release, the Basilisk was attacked by suspected pirates on Thursday, May 23rd. One crew member was injured during the attack but is reported to be recovering after receiving medical care from the Atalanta team.

Reports indicate that the pirates disembarked from the ship last night after sensing imminent danger, resulting in the injury of one pirate.

A warship from Operation Atalanta, which was patrolling the area, responded to the attack on Thursday night. The military personnel boarded the commercial ship using helicopter drop techniques to secure it.

This incident underscores the ongoing threat of piracy in the Indian Ocean region.

Operation Atalanta is the European Union’s military mission aimed at countering Somali piracy, initiated in 2008.

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