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Bihi: Let us see if Somalia dares to cut ties with the United States

 HARGEISA (SD) -The President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi has returned to Hargeisa from his work visit to the United States today, he received a warm welcome from the Somaliland community. Upon his arrival to Hargeisa President Muse Bihi reported on his trip to the United States and the accomplishments that they have achieved, he pointed out that their visit to the US was a success, and that they have achieved many hopeful things.

The president of Somaliland mentioned that the Somali Federal government has cut ties with Kenya and Guinea after his visit to these countries, and that the government of Somalia will not be able to cut ties with the United States.

“The day before I had returned from Conakry, Guinea Mogadishu had cut ties with Guinea, hence we promised to continue expanding and creating more allies around the world which may disrupt the Somali government’s international relations. Now, Somalia will not dare to cut ties with the United States.” Said President Muse Bihi.

The United States told President Muse Bihi that they will not recognize Somaliland and their administration and that they believe that Somaliland is still a part of Somalia, but they will cooperate with Somaliland in various ways. This statement had disappointed the president and his delegation, sources close to the president tell us.

During Muse Bihi’s stay in Washington, senior senators in the US Congress tabled important legislation, which could significantly change the way the United States treats Somaliland.

Senators Chris Van Hollen (D-Md), Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Mike Rounds (R-SD.) Of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have passed a law called the Somaliland Partnership Act, proposing that the State Department forge relations with Somaliland.

Overall, Bihi’s trip did not deliver on the promises he had made to the Somaliland people who are in a dire need of either reconciliation or recognition.

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