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Al-Shabab network, including a woman, convicted

Mogadishu (SD) – Three people arrested for collaborating with Al-Shabab and for being part of a network group were sentenced for working on the transfer and storage of military equipment used in the group’s attacks.

The three suspects Deeqa Mohamed Qeyliye Sabriye, Abdikarim Mohamud Osman and Mohamed Siid Ali Mohamud, were arrested on July 19, 2020, for their involvement with Al Shabab.

Deeqa Mohamed Qeyliye said she joined al-Shabab from Lower Shabelle in 2016, earning an allowance of $ 150 a month.

During the Ramadan months, Deeqa handled most of the weapons such as pistols, F1 grenades, car bombs, roadside bombs and explosive devices.

Abdikarim Mohamud Osman and Mohamed Siid Ali Mohamud also joined Al Shabab from Lower Shabelle in 2016, after a period of indoctrination and misinterpretation of the religion they were finally persuaded to learn the mechanics of explosives.

The two suspects, were injured in an explosion they were planting with another man on July 2020 in Yaqshid district, were security forces arrested them, their arrest also led to the apprehension of Deeqa Mohamed as their leader, who also played the roles of a mother and a wife.

The Office of the Prosecutor presented evidence in court including weapons and explosives seized from the suspects, while planting bombs.

Defendants’ lawyers have asked the court for clemency as no charges of murder or injury have been presented.

The court ruled all three suspects today with Deeqa Mohamed Qeyliye been sentenced to 15 years to prison, Abdikarim Mohamud Osman to 3 years in prison and Mohamed Siid Ali Mohamud to 20 years in prison, according to Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, chairman of the Court of First Instance of the Armed Forces.

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