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Al Shabab Opposes Somalia Turkey cooperation agreement

MOGADISHU (SD) – Al-Shabaab spokesperson Sheikh Ali Dheere has released a statement regarding the maritime defense agreement that Somalia has entered into with Turkey, stating that they are strongly opposed to the agreement.

Sheikh Ali Dheere mentioned that Hassan Sheikh and Muse Bihi do not differ in their approach, as both have given Turkish and Ethiopian governments control over Somalia’s seas.

Al-Shabaab spokesman claimed that Turkey has already occupied many parts of the country, such as Aden Adde Airport and Mogadishu Port.

He added that Turkey had monopolized businesses in Mogadishu and had enlisted troops and Somali politicians supporting its interests in Somalia.

Finally, the Al-Shabaab spokesperson insisted that they will not accept Turkey’s presence in Somali waters, boasting the group can resist Ethiopia’s ambitions to gain control over part of Somali waters.

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