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Al Shabab: US Drones kill Cuban Doctors

JILIB (SD) -Al-Shabaab has announced the death of two Cuban doctors who have been abducted for several years in the Jilib district.

In a statement released by the group, they claimed that the doctors were killed in an airstrike carried out by the American troops supporting the Somali forces in the city of Jilib.

The doctors were abducted by Al-Shabaab in 2019 from North Eastern Kenya, where they were involved in humanitarian work related to healthcare.

The U.S. Africa Command recently announced that they had conducted an airstrike in the Yaaq-Dabeyl area of Lower Jubba region, where they reportedly killed two Al-Shabaab members.

Efforts to secure the release of the doctors, who were citizens of Somalia, Cuba, and Kenya, have repeatedly failed.

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