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Ambassador: UAE recognizes Somaliland passport

Dubai (SD) – The UAE government, has officially recognized Somaliland’s passport, yet another diplomatic victory for the unrecognized country.

UAE’s recognition of the Somaliland passport follows a request from Somaliland president two years ago, to the UAE’s Minister of State for the Presidency and Deputy Prime Minister, according to Ambassador Bashe Awil.

Ambassador Bashe Awil Haji Omar, Somaliland’s envoy to Kenya and a former Somaliland ambassador to the UAE, said the recognition of the passport was part of diplomatic efforts of the successive Kulmiye government.

Bashe Awil also announced that the UAE has added Somaliland citizenship to the list of countries it recognizes, at a time when Somaliland has doubled its efforts in achieving international recognition.

The President of Somaliland requested to Mansour Binzayed Alnahyan, Minister of the Presidency and Deputy Prime Minister of the country, during his visit to the UAE in April 2018.

The UAE-based DP World has invested $ 442 million in the development of the port of Berbera since October 2018, which was opposed by the Somali federal government.

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