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Waaheen Market Support Committee Meets With International Delegation

HARGEISA (SD) – A meeting between the National Committee for the Support of the Waheen Market and a delegation from the friendly countries of the Republic of Somaliland, assessed the great crisis in the Waheen Market.

The committee and the delegation discussed the progress of the damage assessment so far, with the delegation being briefed by the Chairman of the National Committee and about steps to be taken, including clearing Waaheen Market.

The Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, who chaired the meeting, briefed the international delegation, thanked the delegation for sharing their grief over the loss of Waaheen Market.

Lizzie Walker, head of the British office in Hargeisa, who attended the meeting, said in a Tweet that they were assisting the authorities in assessing the needs of those whose property had been burnt down.

“I joined EU and UN delegations in Hargeisa today, we received information on emerging needs from the Hargeisa Market Fire. It’s clear immediate support is needed for small traders & temporary markets, plus planning for rebuilding. Transparency and coordination will be key.”

The mayor of Hargeisa Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge recently said that the damage caused by the fire in Waaheen market is estimated at 2 billion dollars.

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