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AMISOM and Al-Shabaab exchange gunfire on the outskirts of Bula Burte

Bula Burte (SD) – Reports from Bula Burte district in Hiran region say that Al-Shabaab militants have launched an attack on an AMISOM base in the western part of the town, according to local residents.

AMISOM forces fired heavy artillery shells at Al-Shabaab positions in what residents described as retaliation, there were no confirmed casualties reported.

The gunfire lasted for several minutes and AMISOM and Somali government forces have reportedly launched a security operation on the western outskirts of Bula Burte district.

Al Shabab seems to have recently escalated its attack on Somali and AMISOM forces in the country.

There is no word yet from the district administration and the warring parties, but current reports indicate that the situation is calm.

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