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ATIMS hands over the Qorilow Forward Operating Base to SNA

MOGADISHU (SD) -The African Union’s peacekeeping mission in Somalia (ATMIS) has handed over the operational base in Qorillow in Hirshabelle regional state to the Somali National Army.

This handover is part of the second phase of the withdrawal of the 3,000 ATMIS soldiers, contributing to the ongoing peacebuilding efforts.

ATMIS officials stated that they are committed to transferring security responsibilities to the Somali National Army. The Somali National Army has taken control of the facilities previously built for the ATMIS troops across the country. This comes after the Somali National Army began assuming responsibility for security in the capital, Mogadishu.

A resolution issued by the Security Council instructs the ATMIS operation to complete the second phase of the reduction of the forces in Somalia this December.

The government of Somalia plans to re-equip its forces now that the UN arms embargo is lifted.

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