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ATMIS Shells land on civilian home, injuring 5

Mogadishu June 15, 2023 (SD) -Reports from Lower Shabelle region indicate that ATMIS forces launched mortars the village of Barire within the region, resulting in civilian casualties and property damage.

According to some of the affected residents, a house was hit during the operation, leading to significant harm to a mother, father, and three children who were inside.

Currently, five members of the same family have been transferred to the capital city, Mogadishu, for medical treatment and to stabilize their condition.

Moreover, there was a significant uproar surrounding the targeted house, which belonged to a vulnerable family, further exacerbating tensions between civilians and ATMIS.

ATMIS has been previously accused of being responsible for harm to civilians.

“The AMISOM troops fired the mortars, and they should bear responsibility for the incident,” stated one of the affected locals speaking to the local media.

Furthermore, there has been no official statement from the ATMIS commanders regarding their involvement in the incident.

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