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Somaliland: opposition demand the arrested Awdal youths released

BORAMA (SD) -The opposition party in Somaliland, Wadani, has criticized the arrest of young men in Borama and called for the release of the detained youth. The Youth have been complaining about the lack of power-sharing in Somaliland.

The Spokesperson of Mohamed Farah Abdi’s party, who spoke to the media in Borama, condemned the government for arresting the youths.

“We say do not arrest the youths, to those who are arresting the youths, do not muzzle them, do not imprison the young people. Every detention creates more anger, the people are not ready to do what you want, and the people will resist,” said Farah.

He also mentioned that some government ministers and officials from Awdal who are now residing in Boorama have turned against the youth.

He stated that Wadani party stands with the people of Awdal and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Awdal’s interests in Somaliland.

Lastly, he told the people of Awdal that as a political party, they understand the issues specific to the Awdal region and will work to ensure fair representation.

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