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Beledweyne is still tense after yesterday’s explosions

Beledweyne October 04,2022 (SD) – The situation in Beledweyne in Hiiraan region become tense after three deadly explosions rocked the city yesterday.

The reports add that the explosions, caused casualties and injuries to civilians near the targeted Beledweyne center, but there is no accurate count.

It was yesterday when three suicide bombings took place in the Lama Galaay camp, which reportedly claimed the lives of many people including officials, intellectuals and civilians.

Yesterday’s explosions in Beledweyne are meant to scare and disrupt the people of Hiiraan region, for waging a large-scale uprising against Al-Shabaab for the last few weeks.

The Somali government and the international community have condemned the deadly bombings that targeted Beledweyne yesterday

The explosions came as the Somali government announced an operation that killed Abdullahi Nadir, one of the top officials of Al-Shabaab, who had $3 million bounty on his head.

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