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Bossaso ceasefire holding, fighting forces return to their bases

Bossaso (SD) – Days long Peace efforts by traditional leaders finally secured a cessation of hostilities agreement and have finally succeeded in disbanding the warring factions inside Bossaso.

The peace process delegation led by the traditional elders reached the frontlines this afternoon and succeeded in reopening the fortified roads.

Footage from the battlefields showed extensive damage caused by heavy weaponry on commercial buildings and civilian homes.

The waring sides agreed to return the troops to their bases and prepare for talks to end the dispute over the dismissal of the PSF director, Gen. Mohamud Osman Diyano.

The city has been peaceful since the last ceasefire was declared, and residents could be seen checking on their properties.

However, Residents continue to flee Bossaso, lacking confidence in the ceasefire, and there are persistent fears of renewed fighting in the city.

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