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Burmadow praises Godane, calls al-Shabaab ‘government’

Mogadishu (SD) – King Osman Aw Mohamud (Burmadow), a traditional leader from Somaliland, has for the first time in public expressed his views on the death of Ahmed Godane, a former al-Shabaab leader.

Burmadow, who was speaking at a function in Mogadishu, shared a recent response to a question about why the Dir Clan never ruled the country by saying at the time of Godane’s killing, traditional elders from Somaliland were afraid to talk about Godane’s death, but he offered his condolences, as he was a relative of the deceased.

“It happened when Ahmed Abdi Godane, the leader of Al-Shabaab, died, our Sultans were contacted by the BBC. Every man ran away. I offer my condolences,” said King Burmadow, speaking at a ceremony in Mogadishu.

Adding “I said we were not of the same denomination and we were not headed to the same place, but he was a member of the tribe who left the family.”

The king said there were two governments in Somalia, one of which he said was al-Shabab, led by Godane.

“I say there are two governments here, Dir is in charged of the Al Shabaab government and there is no competition. I want Dir to be closer. ” said Burmadow.

Burmadow’s remarks sparked outrage in Somalia, were Ahmed Godane and Al Shabab wreaked havoc, the remarks also became the most talked about news items in the Horn of Africa.

King Burmadow has recently arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu where he was warmly welcomed.

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