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Businessman loses half a million dollars in Hargeisa market fire

HARGEISA (SD) – Preliminary assessment indicate that millions of dollars were lost in the fire that engulfed Waheen market in Hargeisa last night, leaving traders who owned multi-million dollar businesses losing everything.

Bashe Busharo, one of the traders who lost lost his livelihood in the fire, confirmed to local media that all 10 of his shops inside the market burnt down.

Bashe Busharo told reporters that he lost more than $ 400,000 in the Waheen fire, and accused the local government of failing to put out the fire.

He accused the mayor of Hargeisa and other local government officials in failing to pave an access for the fire department in the event of a fire.

“The losses are huge, and it is a matter of God’s will and the lack of efforts by the mayor who could not pave a way, I had 10 businesses that have all been burnt down and I am out about $ 400,000. We are asking God for help, ”said businessman Bashe Busharo.

Hargeisa’s market has been placed under curfew today, with only security forces and firefighters operating in it. Authorities in Hargeisa say anyone seen at the market this morning will be arrested.

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