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South West Security forces arrest members of Al-Shabaab

B (SD) – Security and Intelligence Forces of the South West State of Somalia executed a planned operations against Al-Shabaab in Baidoa area, the headquarters of Bay region.

Security forces conducted the operation in areas including Goofgaduud Shabeelow, Abdurug,Buula tugeer, Awees Emed, Jidoow, Safriya and Aliyow Muumin, suspected Al-Shabaab members were in the area.

The operation, which led by the Commander of Security and intelligence arrested by al-Shabaab officials, and the operation reportedly rescued Al Shabaab detainees.

Army officials instructed the community Goofgaduud Shabeelow to work with security departments in order to prevent insecurity in the region.

Southwest security and intelligence commission carried out security operations in Baidoa, as attacks increase in the holy month of Ramadan.

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