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Cabinet Appoints Independent Anti-Corruption Commission Members

Mogadishu (SD) – The Care taker Cabinet Ministers of Somalia’s Federal Government met in Mogadishu today and approved nine members selected by the Ministry of Justice to join the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission.

Article 111 of the transitional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia indicate the formation of a 9-member independent anti-corruption committee to be the backbone of the investigations of corruption in government departments.

The members of the committee selected on the basis of their knowledge, experience, ability, integrity and trust are: Mr. Mohamed Abdikarim Ibrahim, Abdiweli Ahmed Omar, Dr. Hassan Khalif Hassan, Mohamed Hussein Hamud, Saido Mohamed Hashi, Mr. Amin Ahmed Sheikh Abdirahman, Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh Abukar, Mr. Khadar Ahmed Diriye and Samiya Said Hussein.

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia on 21/09/2019 signed the law establishing the Independent Anti-Corruption Commissions at the Federal and State levels, following the approval of the Federal Parliament, and the members of the Independent Commission approved today will be submitted to the House. Parliament for approval.

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