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civil society and traditional leaders join the Mogadishu conference

Mogadishu (SD) – The second day of the consultative conference in Mogadishu was joined by some civil society organizations and traditional leaders that have recently raised concerns about the country’s election process.

Candidates are said to have extended an invitation to the civil society organizations as to be part of the final communiqué, expected to be released tomorrow.

Somali civil society has repeatedly warned against anything that could lead to the country’s elections being unfair.

The conference was also attended by traditional elders, this will increase the pressure on Somali government officials to change the electoral commissions.

Villa Somalia is facing numerous challenges, however, it is determined to never agree amending the election committees, which if it does, is politically seen as a defeat.

Villa Somalia believes that the opposition candidates do not have a say in the appointment of the electoral commissions, and so far, no regional government has officially rejected the appointment of the committees, although Jubaland and Puntland have yet to appoint their members to the committees.

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