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EU Envoy to Somalia: Somaliland’s unity has weakened since 2017

Hargeisa (SD) – The EU envoy to Somalia Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga Martinez spoke about the level unity of the people of Somaliland, following the 2017 elections.

EU envoy to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, who attended and spoke at the unveiling ceremony of the upcoming voter registration yesterday, said the unity of the Somaliland people is not the same as it was in 2005, 2016 and 2017.

Nicolas Berlanga Martinez also mentioned the National Parties unity in holding the country’s elections on time, and said that he appreciated this and suggested that their unity should continue.

The EU envoy to Somalia, addressing the unity of the people of Somaliland, said “When we talk about unity, like it or not, the unity of Somaliland is not the same as it was in 2016, the 2017 or 2005 elections when your parliamentary elections took place, your unity is not at the same level today”.

He also spoke about the current unity of Somaliland’s political parties and the need for timely elections “There has been a lot of talk about the Unity of the Parties. I have witnessed a lot of disintegration caused by it and how the parties are united now that the elections are on time. I urge the parties to stay on the Road to Unity.” he said.

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