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Civilians Killed in Jowhar Bombing

JOWHAR (SD) – Reports from Jowhar town, the capital of Middle Shabelle region, confirm that a land mine explosion occurred at the outskirts of Jowhar town, killing at least four civilians.

The four people who were killed in the blast were said to be on a rickshaw, which exploded between Mohamed Dheere airport and Jowhar town.

Reports indicate that the four people killed in the blast were among the well-known camel meat traders in the town, although their names have not yet been released.

It is reported that members of the Hirshabelle regional election commission were on their way to Jowhar airport, the regional capital of Hiiraan, shortly before the blast.

There are no statements from the security agencies of the Hirshabelle administration in Jowhar town. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, which killed at least four people.

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