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Puntland Court Sentences Men Involved in the killing of a Journalist

GALKAYO (SD) A Puntland military court has sentenced four young men for plotting and killing the Somali journalist Jamal Farah Adan.

Journalist Jamal Farah Adan was killed in Galkayo on March 1 last year, Al-Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for his killing and accusing him of being a member of the Puntland military intelligence unit, and they have been after him.

Puntland security forces arrested two young men a day after the journalist’s death, who later confessed to being behind the killings and of being members of Al-Shabaab.

After a lengthy investigation that lasted almost a year, the court sentenced Adde Abdullahi Mohamed Elmi and Abdiqani Saleban Jama (Sayloor) to death.

Meanwhile, the court sentenced Hassan Jama Mohamed (Hassan Nur) to 25 years in prison, while Mohamed Ali Ahmed (Qaroon) was also sentenced to 15 years in prison.

According to the court, the men who were sentenced to long prison terms, were involved in organizing and killing the journalist.

A Puntland military court has released six suspects in connection with the case, who have been cleared of any involvement in the case, and other similar cases in Galkayo.

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