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Clashes reignite overnight in Garoowe

Garoowe June 21, 2023 (SD) -News has recently emerged about an intense conflict that erupted once again last night in the heart of the capital city of Puntland, Garowe.

Heavy gunfire and explosions were reportedly heard throughout the city, with both sides involved employing tanks and other weaponry. The residents of the city expressed fear and concern.

Witnesses have indicated that the epicenter of the fighting is in the southern part of Garowe, following the arrival of rival militias who clashed once again in neighborhoods and districts there.

The recent escalation of the conflict occurred hours after Islam Ise Islam Mohamed and Sultan Said Garaase, prominent figures from the Nugaal region, called on the warring factions to cease hostilities and engage in dialogue.

“We welcome the ceasefire agreement between the two sides and hope the military forces adhere to it. Both sides have experienced enough suffering; it’s time to end the bloodshed,” stated Islam Ciise Islam Mohamed in a statement.

Tragically, more than 30 people have lost their lives, and over 40 others have been injured in today’s battle in the capital city of Puntland, Garowe, involving government forces and opposition militias.

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