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Somalia: President Deni calls for an unconditional ceasefire in Garowe

Garoowe June 20, 2023 (SD) – Today, a fierce battle erupted in the city of Garowe, the capital of Puntland. The conflict started in the early morning hours when 34 parliament members approved a resolution calling for constitutional amendments necessary for a reformed and inclusive governance system.

The fighting has caused significant human and material losses, involving the government forces, paramilitary groups, PMPF forces, and police units, against Danab special forces led by Colonel Jimcale Jama Takar.

The confirmed civilian death toll currently stands at 7, with over 10 injured. Both sides estimate that more than 20 military personnel, including officers, have been killed in action.

Colonel Jimcale’s forces gained control of the city center early on, and when the conflict intensified, the government troops targeted the Ligley military base, resulting in a second round of clashes. Reports suggest that Colonel Jimcale’s forces have since retreated to their military base, Sallax, in southern Garowe.

The city’s situation is tense, with road closures and disruptions to commercial activities.

President Deni called for an immediate ceasefire and attempted to reach out to Islam Ciise Islam Mohamed via telephone to discuss a ceasefire. However, reports are indicating that the communication attempts were unsuccessful due to unmet conditions.

King Burhan Boqor Muuse expressed grave concern over the conflict and urged the parliament to resolve the issues that led to the fighting. He also called for an urgent meeting of Puntland’s traditional leadership.

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