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Commander of the Puntland Presidential Guard killed in Galkayo

Galkayo (SD) – Reports from Galkayo town in Mudug region confirm that the commander of Puntland presidential guard Colonel Osman Omar Mohamed was killed in a fighting this morning.

The fighting took place following an operation by Puntland forces, particularly presidential guards, against militants at the Galkayo Kabista factory.

The militants, who clashed with the army, were said to be making alcohol there, but authorities have taken control of the factory at the end.

Reports also say that 7 other people were wounded in the fighting, including warring factions and civilians.

The President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Mohamed (Deni) sent his deepest condolences to the deceased and the others who ware also killed in the fighting.

The killing of the commander of Puntland’s presidential guard came at a time when President Said Deni is currently in north Galkayo.

The situation is reportedly calm now, and Puntland officials said the government was committed to ending any insecurity in the region.

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