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Somaliland Government welcomes recent engagement With The International Community

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland government has expressed its views on the reported debate in which the Kenyan Council of Ministers will discuss Somaliland’s recognition, noting that the country has a right to international recognition.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Prof. Yasin Haji Mohamud Hiir (Faraton), speaking to the Horn of Africa newspaper said “Kenya is a neighbor of ours. They are people with whom we have multifaceted relations. They have sent us high level delegations many times, and we have sent similar delegations, so we will strengthen our relationship and co-operation, If they are debating our issue and our independence, we welcome Kenya, we want our neighbors and the world to admit our nationhood and our sovereignty and to give us the recognition we are entitled to.”

Speaking about the changes in Somaliland’s relations with the international community, minister Faraton said “We have good relations with other countries in the world, so we are always ready to double our relations with the world, because we are a country that will exist and God willing, we are a country that fulfilled its requirement for nationhood. We are therefore struggling to gain international recognition and expand our diplomatic cooperation. We encourage our citizens to play their roles no matter were they are.

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