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House of Representatives Fails to Hold Hargeisa Electricity Companies Accountable

Hargeisa (SD) – The Resources Sub-Committee of the Somaliland House of Representatives questioned Hargeisa electricity companies after the public has been complained about very high electricity prices.

The Sub-Committee has asked companies officials questions about why electricity prices are rising, with the media asking similar questions about these issues afterwards.

Chairman of the sub-committee of the House of Representatives of Somaliland MP Mohamed Yusuf Wabeye, spoke after the meeting saying “The most important thing the people need is cheap electricity. You have heard the explanations from the officials who said that electricity is generated by machines and that they do not have modern equipment to produce electricity. They use fuel, workers, the government collects taxes from them. All of these things really need to be understood, and in the future they promise us cheap electricity,” said MP Wabeye.

SOMPOWER General Manager Abdullahi Bershiya who spoke to the media after the meeting gave details of what they discussed at the meeting.

“We talked about the reasons for the electricity price hikes to the House of Representatives, we talked about the challenges that surround it, we talked about our efforts to provide affordable energy, we talked about the situation that is facing us, and they understood the issues, and as you saw, they are the ones who explained to the media,” said SOMPOWER CEO Abdullahi Bershiya.

Hargeisa residents were left wondering why the Sub-Committee has so easily accepted the Electric companies response to the price hike.

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