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CPJ: Demand the release of Journalist Bushaaro Baanday

Nairobi May 25, 2023 (SD) – The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has strongly urged the Government of Somaliland to immediately release journalist Bushaaro Baanday, who was arrested under arbitrary and unjust conditions in the city of Hargeisa.

In a statement issued by the committee said “On the evening of May 15, Somaliland police arrested Bushaaro shortly after she entered the border town of Wajale from Ethiopia, according to media reports, multiple statements by rights groups, and Mubarik Mohamoud Abdi, the journalist’s lawyer, who spoke to CPJ. That night, authorities transferred her to police custody in the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa.”

Adding “Police officers kicked and slapped Bushaaro during her arrest, leaving her with injuries to her face and leg, according to those sources and other media reports.”

CPJ further stated that the arrest of Journalist Busharo Baanday was a violation of press freedom, and they highlighted that upon her arrest, the police subjected her to mistreatment.

“On the morning of May 17, Bushaaro appeared at the Hargeisa regional court without legal representation, where authorities accused her of several offenses including disseminating propaganda and undermining Somaliland’s national security and unity, but did not formally charge her with a crime. The court ordered her to be held until her next court date on May 25.” CPJ stated.

According to CPJ, the UK office in Hargeisa is aware and are supporting Bushaaro, a dual citizen and her family.

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