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Somalia: Puntlanders go to the polls, despite hiccups

Garoowe May 25, 2023 (SD) – After a prolonged and contentious period, the people of Puntland state of Somalia are going to polls to participated in local council elections, which took place in up to 7 regions within Puntland, starting from the town of Caluula to Hadaaftimo and extending to Saaxo in the Mudug region.

The election involved the participation of approximately 400,000 eligible voters.

The election consisted of 7 political organizations, namely Kaah, Mideeye, Mustaqbal, Sincad, Runcad, Ifiye, and Shaqaalaha.

These parties are competing to become the leading political party for the next 10-year term as per the constitution.

The capital of Puntland, Garowe, and two other districts within the Nugal region is not participating in the elections, due to some political tensions and incidents during the election process,

The election itself is proceeding smoothly, and the public witnessed an atmosphere of excitement around the regional state.

Polling stations will be closed at 6:00 PM, local time in Somalia, and the counting of ballots will commence immediately afterward.

The final results are expected to be announced by the Electoral Commission between either on Friday or Saturday.

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