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Dahabshil dismisses World Remit collaboration News

Hargeisa (SD) – Dahabshiil Group have denied WorldRemit officials’ statements to the media regarding a remittance deal between the two entities.

Dahabshiil’s general operations manager Fuad Ahmed Nuh told local media that there is no agreement with the other company.

“World Remit’s statement that remittances can be transferred from abroad and can be picked up at Dahabshiil stations in Somalia, as Dahabshiil, we declare that there is no such agreement between our company and WorldRemit. We are informing the Somali clients who have received the wrong news that there is no payment at our facilities.” Said Fuad Ahmed Nuh.

Mr. Fuad added: “We are informing our clients and the Somali people, anyone who wants to send money to their home country or to Dahabshiil centers anywhere in the world we welcome. Similarly, the person wishing to use the Internet can use the Talk Remit services to send money from his or her phone to his or her home or business without a need to come to Dahabshiil centers”.

Mr. Fuad Ahmed Nuh said Dahabshiil has its own plans to constantly adapt to the services its customers need and that they fully informed its representatives and the Somali community around the world that there is no agreement with WorldRemit, adding Dahabshiil has its own services all over the world ready to transfer and receive money.

News comes a day letter when a rival WorldRemit claimed its clients can send money to Somalia through Dahabshil.

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