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Danab conducts operations in Lower Jubba

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Somali Armed Forces, particularly the Danab Commandos and the Jubbaland Intelligence and Security Forces, displays weapons and explosives seized during operations in villages in Lower Jubba region.

The forces carried out the operation in Berhani, Qudus, Dharkeyn Urur, Yaaq Dabayl and Barjalla areas of Lower Juba region.

The Danab military officials who led the operation said that they’ve destroyed Al-Shabaab’s Explosion Command center in Lower Jubba, and seized weapons, explosives and vehicles.

Officials said two Al-Shabaab members were killed and four others were captured during the operation.

Al-Shabaab has so far not commented on the force’s claims of the casualties suffered by the group.

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