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Danab forces claim killing an Al-Shabaab finance official in Afgoye

Afgoye (SD) – The Danab Commandos of the Somali National Army have carried out a planned operation in districts under the control of Balad and Afgoye districts in Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.

The Army claimed killing six Al-Shabaab militants, including the militant leader in charge of finance in the Shabelle regions.

The Shabab leader was called Abdalla Abdirahman (Abu Ayman) known for collecting extortion money from people, using it to finance the militants operations, the army claimed.

“The Shabab leader was called Abdirahman Abdalla (Abu Ayman) known for extorting money from the public, and to use it for violence against civilians, like explosions targeting innocent civilians.” Said a Danab officer .

During the operation, the troops destroyed Al-Shabaab check points, as well as removed landmines laid by the militants.

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