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Deadly Explosion rocks ATMIS base in Somalia

QORYOLEY (SD) -Detailed information has emerged about a major explosion that occurred inside a military base in the Qoryoley district of the Lower Shabelle region, where the ATMIS forces are stationed.

The explosion, which was caused by a landmine, resulted in significant casualties and injuries, including among them Deputy Police Chief of Qoryoley Ali Waal and the former commander of the district’s intelligence, Abdikarim Adow, while a unit commander named Sandhere died.

No specific details have been disclosed regarding the extent of the damage caused by the explosion to the ATMIS forces, although the blast was heard in the neighborhoods of the district.

Residents of the city are openly discussing the incident, raising questions about how the explosion occurred within the base’s perimeter, which is supposed to be securely guarded to prevent such incidents.

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