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Deaths in drought hit Gedo rises to five

Kismayo (SD) –  The death toll of the victims died of dehydration and hunger in Gedo region of southern Somalia over the last 48 hours has risen to five as drought ravages many parts of Somalia.

According to Luuq District Commissioner Ali Kadiye Ahmed, all victims died in villages under Luuq town.

“All these people died of hunger and thirsty. There is severe water shortage in all remote areas surrounding Luuq town. The drought killed hundreds of livestock and displaced many people from their villages,” Ahmed said.

A resident in Qaryaale village near Luuq town told the media that died of starvation after losing their livestock to drought in the Gedo region.

“These people died of hunger and thirsty. Their livestock also was killed by the severe drought. Wells dried up and people have no food,” Farah.

According to UN, the number of people who need assistance and protection in Somalia is forecast to rise by 30 percent, from 5.9 million to about 7.7 million in 2022.

 Over 70 percent of all Somalis live below the poverty line.

N Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in the country, Adam Abdelmoula, said, “a severe storm is brewing in Somalia.”

“Those affected have already endured decades of conflict, climatic shocks and disease outbreaks,” said Abdelmoula, who also acts as Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator.

Local communities, the authorities and the UN are ramping up response to address these needs. But critical response sectors like water, sanitation and hygiene are only 20 percent funded.

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