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Demonstrations against the state is being Organized in Bossaso

Bossaso (SD) – Reports from Bossaso indicate that demonstration is being organized against Puntland government’s decision to divide the city into four districts.

The news come as the regional state announced that Bossaso will go from 16 districts to 4 last Saturday.

The city’s residents have been complaining to Bossaso authorities over the four new Bossaso districts, although they did not anyone to address their complaints.

The demonstration organizers are planning to hold large demonstrations in Bossaso next Friday unless the district administration changes the distribution of the city departments, according to sources close to the organizers.

The Puntland Ministry of Interior is accused of creating animosity among city residence by unfairly distributing the districts in Bossaso.

The Regional state is yet to address the crises and the planned demonstration in Bossaso.

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